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This is Africa's serene and most nearby, gorilla trekking is the main draw card of a Rwandan safari. After arriving at the capital city of Kigali, you are only a few hours' drive away from the mythical Volcanoes National Park and its familiar but still wild gorilla families.

Mountain gorillas' behaviors in Rwanda and the Virunga Volcanoes were studied by the late Dian Fossey for 20 years, trailed by the filmmakers who shot Gorillas in the Mist. Now small groups of private visitors can experience one of the most remarkable wildlife encounters on earth - gorilla trekking through the unspoiled Virunga's rainforest.

A gorilla safari in Rwanda cuffs well with other East African destinations in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Also, home to the primate-chimpanzees and birds in Nyungwe Forest National Park, without forgetting Akagera National Park which gives an opportunity for game viewing in a distinct savannah setting.

Lake Kivu is one other great destination in Rwanda to enjoy boating on lake kivu, hiking, kayaking and chimp trekking, Lake Kivu is a dazzling expanse of water enclosed by Rwanda's gradually rolling slopes. This is where the slogan name 'the country of a thousand hills' came from because of its rolling countryside.

Ultimately Rwanda offers what is frequently a hard-to-gain insight into, wildlife and environments and Central African cultures contingent of the past heartbreaks it had gone through about 20years back. Kindly browse our variety of popular expeditions and safari itineraries applauded lodging or talk to one of our African Safari Travel Experts for help with planning a Bespoke Rwandan safari.


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If you daydream about climbing, hiking and trekking in the African highlands bush, Rwanda is the preeminent destination for your outdoor vacation.


The best place in the world to see mountain gorillas in their natural habitat


The Cultural People Of Rwanda. The three cultures of Rwanda once clashed, largely over socio-economic differences, but today the Tutsi, Hutu, and Twa people represent a common commitment to the betterment of all Rwandan people.


Home to over 1,000 recorded species of birds. this is a birder's paradise


Historical Sites. Delving into the tumultuous history of Rwanda is difficult for many guests; yet, seeing the genocide memorial sites first-hand provides valuable insight into the transformative journey of the Rwandan people


Despite the fact that Rwanda is a small country, it is gifted with excellent wildlife destinations ranging from montane rainforests to green savannahs, however by being small, it has made getting between places fast and simple.

Virunga National Park

Virunga National Park is one of the most biologically diverse protected areas on the planet. Half of all the biodiversity in sub-Saharan Africa can be found in Virunga. The park is also a geologic wonder and contains two of the world's most active volcanoes. For much of its long history, though, Virunga National Park has been severely threatened by armed conflict.

Thanks to the dedication of the park's rangers and wardens, Virunga has been able to survive. Certain politicians, the European Union, conservationists, philanthropists, and private donors have also played a vital role in Virunga's survival.

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Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park is 160 square kilometers in size; it is the oldest national park in Africa, established in 1929 as the Albert National Park. In 1967 famous for mountain gorillas, the American zoologist, Dian Fossey, who had been doing research on Mountain Gorillas in the forests of the Congo, fled from insecurity and established her research base at a place between Visoke and Karisimbi volcanoes, now known as the Karisoke Research Center.

Fossey spearheaded the conservation campaign of the Mountain Gorillas and mobilized resources to fight against poaching; a fight she continued until she was murdered in 1985. She is buried at the Karisoke Research Center, next to the grave of her favorite Gorilla, Digit.

The Volcanoes National Park is home to not only the Mountain Gorillas, but also Golden Monkeys, Spotted Hyena, Buffaloes, Elephants, Black-fronted Duiker and Bushbuck. The park has almost 200 bird species including 29 endemics to Rwenzori Mountains and the Virungas. The park is only a 2 hour drive from Kigali, and as such, allows people to visit the park for just one day and go on a Gorilla Trek. The park opens at 7 am; unfortunately, there is no public transport to the park gate from Kigali. In addition to Gorilla Trekking, one of the more popular activities is hiking Karisimbi Volcano (3,800 meteres). Also there is a one-day Mount Bisoke volcano hike, visiting Dian Fossey's research center and the twin lakes of Ruhondo and Bulera.

The Mountain Gorillas are the most sought after safari adventure in Africa; these primates only exist in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The permit fees are higher than any other wildlife permit, first to limit the number of people visiting, to limit stress on these apes and on their habitat, that might result in their change of behavior or even their death. Secondly, the fees are used to help sustain the livelihood of the Mountain Gorillas. There are a maximum of 8 people per day per gorilla group, which low numbers help in not overwhelming the Gorillas.

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Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park was founded in 1934, and then in 1997 much of the park was re-allocated as farms; reducing the size from 2,500 square meters to 1,112 square meters. The park is named after the Akagera River that flows along its eastern boundary. The park is located in the north east of Rwanda, bordering with Tanzania; a 3 hour drive from Kigale. The park has exceptional levels of biodiversity; forest fringed lakes, papyrus swamps, savannah plains and rolling highlands.

The plains game include Elephant, Buffalo, Topi, Zebra, Waterbuck, Roan Antelope and Eland. The primates in the park include, olive Baboons, Vervets, Blue Monkey and Bushbabies. The larger predators include leopard, hyena, side-striped jackal and Lion; Black Rhino are being re-introduced into the park to restore the Big 5 status. There are over 500 bird species, including the rare and elusive shoebill, gonolek and countless other water birds that inhabit the wetlands.

There is a two-tiered system of guides; 10 park-employed guides and 15 community freelance guides. The park supports both choices; the hiring of the community guides promote the relationship between the park and the local community, by stimulating economic development and allowing community members living along the park to benefit from the tourism growth in Akagera.

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Nyungwe Forest

The Nyungwe Forest National Park, in the southwest corner of Rwanda, is a vast untouched tropical rainforest, with a high dense canopy. This rainforest is magnificent, not only because of the wildlife that lives within , but also because of the variety of Mahogony trees that tower above. Here in the park, these huge tall old mahoganies, ebonies and giant tree ferns are like skyscrapers, hovering over one; at the same time there are orchids and other epiphytes clinging to the branches.

In addition to the flora and fauna, Nyungwe Forest is renowned for the variety of primates (25% of Africa's total) that co-exist with the over 300 brightly coloured bird species and hundreds of different butterflies everywhere. To get a real sense of the magnitude of the forest, one can walk the 50 meter metal suspension bridge that has been built above the canopy; truly an unforgettable experience.

Activities in Nyungwe Forest National Park are for the active trekkers. There are many options available, the most popular being the Chimpanzee Trek; but other primates are there to be sought, such as the grey-cheeked Mangabey and Rwenzori Colobus monkeys. Forest hiking trails are available; a total of 130 kilometers have been created. The trails last from 1 to 8 hours the Igishigishigi Trail is one of the shortest, includes the canopy walk with spectacular aerial views of the Nyungwe Forest.

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Kigali City

Rwanda is often called the land of the thousand hills. While visiting this country, everywhere you look you will see the beautiful green hills. In Rwanda you can enjoy culture, nature, primates and the beaches of Lake Kivu! Most popular park of Rwanda is Volcanoes NP, where you can track the gorillas, the golden monkeys or do different hikes in this dramatic, volcanic landscape. You can visit Nyungwe NP, one of the world's most beautiful and oldest rainforest of Africa or you can go for safari in Akakera NP on the border with Tanzania.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the unannounced and outrages increase of gorilla permits in Rwanda per direct from $750 to $1.500 we had to increase the prices

In most itineraries it is possible to change the gorilla tracking to Uganda instead of Rwanda. In Uganda the gorilla permits are $ 600 per permit ($450 in low season). Please ask our sales consultants for details.

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when to visit Rwanda

Rwanda's Best time to visit chances are that it's for a gorilla trekking journey. Though it's considered a full year-round activity, the finest time to visit Rwanda for a gorilla trek safari is during the diminutive dry season from May to September. or over the long dry season months of Late November to early February These periods offer by far the easiest hiking conditions. However, if you are visiting Rwanda outside these finest times of year for gorilla trekking is very probable but one has to endure in mind that it might be puzzling because of the heavy rain pour as footpaths are extreme and maybe muddy.

However, the best time to go to Rwanda for chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe is during the two rainy seasons - mid-February to early June and mid-September to mid-December - the opposite of Gorilla trekking as the apes are simpler to discover.

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